3S Consult Software

For analytical engineering, you need excellent software.

SIR 3S® – Hydraulic modeling software for pressurized pipe systems

SIR 3S is the software for (thermo-)hydraulic calculations in pipeline systems: Supply networks gas/water/heat, plants, pipelines and caverns.

  • Steady-state hydraulics and extended period simulations
  • Transient hydraulics including pressure surges, water hammer
  • Safe, efficient and optimal system operations
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KANEW 3S® – the simulation software for your asset management according to ISO 55000

KANEW 3S is an asset management software that covers a wide range of asset engineering tasks, from optimal asset strategies to risk analysis and suggested replacement projects.

  • Condition assessment and reliability
  • Asset strategies
  • Risk assessment and management
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HYDKA 3S – Hydraulics for wastewater treatment plants and open channel systems

HYDKA 3S is used for the steady-state calculation of hydraulic losses in open and closed channel systems and was developed for modeling complex, hydraulic processes in wastewater treatment plants.

  • Hydraulic dimensioning of channels and pipelines
  • Verification of load cases and process concepts
  • Solution of hydraulically caused operating problems
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