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3S Consult provides solutions for GIS integrated network calculations, SCADA system integrated simulations and training simulators.

If you plan to run hydraulic network calculations directly from your geographic information system, contact us. Our product SIR 3S has the modular structure and interfaces that are required for GIS integration. In cooperation with your GIS service provider, we develop an individual solution proposal that is adapted to the specific needs of your company.
The online simulation enables the modeling of the current operating state of the entire system in near-real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SIR 3S possesses special interfaces (OPC-DCOM, OPC-UA) to access current actor and sensor data from the control system. This setting is used to automatically tune the model to the current operating state of the real physical system. In parallel, supplementary simulations can be carried out: what-if scenarios for testing alternative operational modes; look-ahead calculations provide predictions about the future behavior of the system based on the current state. Furthermore, reconstruction and reference simulations are used to analyze scenarios from the past by accessing archived data from the control system. Near real-time online simulations also provide the basis for higher functions such as operational optimization of pumps, power plants, etc. or real-time leak detection.

We are happy to prepare an individual solution proposal in consultation with your SCADA system supplier.

As part of control system integrated simulation, SIR 3S is available also as training simulator. In this context, the simulation replaces the real process. Training simulators are usually deployed for the training of system operators.

Additionally, SIR 3S can also be operated without a control system for the training of technical staff in using the so-called interactive mode. The user (trainee) has the opportunity to intervene in a running transient calculation (simulation) and to perform system modifications. With the help of the training simulation, the employees are trained on how to react to incidents and or other rarely occurring or complex operating situations.

The interactive mode can also be used for planning and design of efficient control modes. The user is then not a trainee, but a plant engineer who is in charge of developing or checking operational modes for different purposes (design simulations). The design simulation can also be applied to e.g. pressure surge calculations that are used by a hydraulic engineer to review and adjust the impact of interventions in an interactive way.

In practice, measured values displayed in the control system do not correctly reflect the actual pressure or flow rate. The reasons for measurement noise are manifold: The location of a pressure measurement may be disconnected, the measuring device can be defective or suffer from deficient data transmission, wrong measuring ranges, excessive damping, etc. By comparison with calculation results from SIR 3S, such errors can be detected.

Through rehabilitation measures, modifications or other actions, it may happen that the control system images do not (correctly) represent the real process.

Based on SIR 3S simulations, incorrectly displayed flow paths between visualized measured variables can be identified and suggestions for control system operating screens improvements can be worked out.

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