Waste water treatmant plant - simulation and calculation
Waste water - simulation and calculation
Water - simulation and calculation

Areas of application, objectives & benefits

HYDKA 3S® calculates flows, water level positions (pressure lines) and energy lines. This can involve complex hydraulic systems with branched and intermeshed channels and pipelines in single and multi-line systems.

  • Dimension channel systems and pipelines
  • Check flow distributions and minimize losses
  • Ensure desired flow conditions at your wastewater treatment plant
  • Review existing equipment under changed loads and process concepts
  • Get assistance in interpreting actual hydraulically related operational problems that occur

Program features

The following outline gives you an overview of further functionalities of our software HYDKA 3S®.

General program features

  • Fast and easy model creation
  • Comprehensive model validation
  • Steady-state hydraulic calculations
  • Load case calculations with adjusted inflows and/or water levels
  • Longitudinal hydraulic sections
  • Graphical output of results

Hydraulic elements

  • Individual losses for pipes and channels
  • Prismatic and non-prismatic channels
  • Collection channel and spillway edge
  • Tooth sill and outlet
  • Submerged pipe and rake
  • Node and pipe


  • Flow rates, energy lines, and water level positions that result depending on the modeling and the set boundary conditions of the system (water level, pressures, and inflow or outflow)
  • Key parameters, such as flow velocities and Froude numbers
  • Longitudinal hydraulic sections – showing bed, bank or profile heights, water levels / pressure heads, energy heights, geometry of elements, flows and flow velocities
  • Result tables


Single-user, multi-user, and floating-user are available license types.
License options are purchase, hire-purchase and leasing – including access to the 3S helpdesk and regular updates with an active maintenance contract.



You can be trained by 3S engineers directly in the use of SIR 3S in your models on a daily basis – on-site at your location, at a 3S location or online as a web meeting.



You, as a user, license and maintenance customer, talk to 3S engineers in the helpdesk who work on similar, if not the same, tasks every day with the same tools.