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Areas of application, objectives & benefits

KANEW 3S® has been supporting strategic, tactical and operational rehabilitation planning of operating assets in accordance with ISO 55000 in asset management for more than 25 years. With the software, all operating assets, e.g. pipes, valves or plants, can be included in the analyses and planning simulations, either individually or linked with each other.

  • Simulate the medium and long-term effects of your investment strategy
  • Optimize the budget use of CAPEX and OPEX
  • Analyze, evaluate and minimize the default risk of your assets
  • Create a transparent and objective basis for decision-making for your stakeholders
  • Consider external construction works in your rehabilitation decisions

Program features

KANEW 3S® has an intuitive graphical user interface, which is divided into the areas of data management, analyses and planning. The following overview gives you an outline of the software’s functionalities.


  • A variety of descriptive statistics related to time, years of construction and age
  • Analysis of failure statistics
  • Generation of failure functions
  • Analysis of condition data, e.g. from inspections
  • Generation of Markov models for condition predictions
  • Determination of service life

Simulation of medium and long-term strategies

  • Strategy types (selection): do nothing, status quo, what if, budget-oriented, risk-oriented, target value (service level)
  • Calculation of various technical and economic key figures
  • Linking the strategy level with action planning to derive suggested replacement years.
  • Strategy comparisons

Risk Management

  • Risk assessment based on criteria for condition/probability of failure and impact/importance
  • Possibility of weighting individual criteria
  • Evaluation possibility for supply security
  • Derivation of priorities based on condition, importance and risk
  • RCM chart output
  • Basis for rehab work action lists

Action lists

  • Grouping individual asset priorities into measures
  • Linking with strategy level to derive suggested replacement years
  • Display of rehab plans in tabular form and in maps

Other program features

  • Data import and updates via CSV, MS Excel, SIR 3S, ESRI Shapefiles and others
  • Consistency checking for asset inventory, failure and condition data
  • Various options for data corrections and enhancements
  • Grouping of data for detailed analyses and simulations
  • Calculations for individual asset classes or linked classes, e.g. for hierarchically organized plant structures
  • Consideration of coordination options
  • Integration of background maps for map display
  • Export of results in CSV, BMP/JPG formats
  • Reporting module for output to MS Excel and MS PowerPoint


Single-user, multi-user, and floating-user are available license types.
License options are purchase, hire-purchase and leasing – including access to the 3S helpdesk and regular updates with an active maintenance contract.



You can be trained by 3S engineers directly in the use of KANEW 3S with your models on a daily basis – on-site at your location, at a 3S location or online as a web meeting.



You, as a user, license and maintenance customer, talk to 3S engineers in the helpdesk who work on similar, if not the same, tasks every day with the same tools.